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    Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
    Industrial Vehicle Solutions

    In the 1820s, the first forklift came out. As a result of saving a lot of manpower, forklifts have always maintained the core position of the industrial vehicle industry.
    The power supply of electric forklifts is mainly divided into two types: lead-acid batteries and lithium iron batteries. Lead-acid batteries have problems such as high operation and maintenance costs, short lifespan, low charge and discharge efficiency, and environmental protection. With the decline in the price of lithium carbonate in 2018 and the state's documents levying a 4% consumption tax on lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries are gradually losing the cost advantage, lithium batteries are becoming the mainstream choice in the industrial vehicle market.

    Face the Challenge
    How to extend the life of equipment?
    How to ensure the safety of drivers?
    How to reduce operation and maintenance costs?
    How to achieve low-cost replacement?
    How to get the status of the vehicle in real time?
    How to use the battery system to generate added value?
    Solution Architecture

    Provide power battery system:

    We have variety of power battery products, covering 12V, 24V, 48V, 80V, 96V and other types.


    Power battery replacement and customization:

    Design and manufacture directly replaceable lithium iron phosphate battery systems for lead-acid battery industrial vehicles to reduce replacement costs.


    Equipment operation status monitoring:

    Monitor the use of industrial vehicles, prompt potential risks of the power system, and recommend more scientific and reasonable solutions based on battery usage habits.


    Data visualization:

    By login a software system, check out every vehicle’s real-time data, generate analyzing report, help to improve efficiency and save the cost.


    Battery recycling

    Assist companies to complete the recycling and secondary use of batteries in waste equipment, improve their ESG attributes, and establish a green image.

    Solution advantages
    Lithium battery replacement:
    Accomplish an easier replacement of lead-acid batteries for industrial vehicles. Direct replacement technology has high compatibility and without the need to replace the original lead acid equipment charger and electronic control system.
    Long-last power:
    The active equalization technology of the BMS module can effectively equalize the entire charging and discharging process, support more than 3 times the fast charging efficiency, and extend the battery life to 8 to 10 years.
    Safety protection:
    Built-in protection strategies such as power failure protection and power reminder to prevent sudden power failure during dangerous stages such as climbing to ensure the safety of drivers.
    The self-check and remote monitoring functions are set up to ensure good product performance in all aspects and realize the maintenance-free power system in the true sense, which greatly reduces the manufacturer's operation and maintenance costs.
    Prompt response
    The system refresh frequency is only 7ms, which can accurately respond to product problems remotely and quickly make fault warning or diagnosis to achieve real-time monitoring and immediate feedback service support.
    Massive data processing:
    Covers data such as positioning, activity, faults, product parameters, etc., and supports simultaneous online browsing of 20,000 sets of devices. Can provide data customization and export services according to customer needs, and assist in completing workload statistics and other data services
    With a complete battery recycling capacity, it has a comprehensive recycling project that handles 34,000 tons of retired lithium batteries per year, and is planning a large-scale comprehensive facility that can recover 100,000 tons of retired lithium batteries per year.
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