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    Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
    New Energy Vehicle Solutions
    Environmental degradation and pollution, in part associated with carbon emissions released from the combustion of fossil fuels, threaten the health and safety of humankind. The electric vehicle industry has made great progress in recent years and presents an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure a more sustainable future. As global auto companies gradually accelerate the shift towards electrification of vehicles, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in 2025 may reach tens of millions of units.
    Face the Challenge
    How to ensure the stable and high-quality products?
    How to meet supply in the face of uncertain and fluctuating demand?
    How to continuously provide new products along with technological development iterations?
    Does the production process meet the requirements of sustainable development?
    Do you have battery recycling and processing capabilities?
    Solution Architecture

    Raw material supply

    The products include battery-grade lithium carbonate, battery-grade lithium hydroxide, lithium powder, lithium foil and other lithium materials used in battery positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and electrolytes. See the "Products and Applications" page for details.


    Recycling of used batteries

    Provide battery recycling services, including lithium iron phosphate and ternary power batteries, to help automobile and battery manufacturers fulfill their responsibility for disposing of retired batteries.


    Customized clean recycled materials

    It can provide lithium materials and ternary precursor products regenerated from batteries and medical waste liquid recycling.


    Power battery supply for industrial vehicles

    Supply power batteries for forklifts, road cleaners and other special equipment vehicles.


    Frontier technology cooperation

    Cooperate in cutting-edge technologies such as solid-state batteries to promote automotive and battery companies to complete battery technology upgrade.


    Co-construction of production base

    Relying on our deep domestic and overseas factory building experience, we can assist customers or jointly build refining and recycling bases.

    Solution Advantages
    High-quality and stable material supply
    The company has a number of high-quality mineral sources in China, Australia, Argentina and other places, which can guarantee long-term and stable mineral supply; and the company has 20 years of compound and metal processing experience, and cooperates with world-class car companies and battery companies. The best guarantee of material quality.
    Flexible cooperation model
    It can provide a variety of cooperation programs such as raw material sales, special equipment power battery customization, cutting-edge technology cooperation, battery recycling, and assistance in building factories to meet the diverse needs of customers.
    Comprehensive recycling program
    For Ganfeng power batteries customers, the BMS system will always respond to battery power consumption and use them in fields such as energy storage after the batteries are retired for echelon utilization; for car companies and battery manufacturers, the batteries can be recycled, dismantled, Refining and re-producing raw materials such as lithium compounds and ternary precursors.
    Clean renewable lithium resources
    To provide enterprises with customized green lithium products, all relevant raw materials are taken from recycling, helping customers build a sustainable supply chain.
    Professional dangerous goods transportation team
    The Ganfeng Transportation Company, which is qualified for the transportation of dangerous goods, is established under the subsidiary to ensure the operation specifications of raw materials and batteries during the transportation process to avoid accidents such as explosion and fire.
    Reassured after-sales warranty
    Recycle the products that are not up to standard for free and bear corresponding transportation costs.
    Traceable supply chain
    Each batch of materials has a precise independent batch number, which can be traced back to the mining source, which is convenient for customers to carry out the sustainability investigation of the upstream material.
    Complete one-stop service
    From power battery raw materials, cathode materials, electrolyte materials, to the recovery of retired batteries, and the provision of future power technology, we are one-stop to meet customer needs
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